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Personal dialogue

A personalised and competent conversation is the basis of successful customer communication.
With a candid and fair-minded interaction we want to maintain beneficial long-term relations with our business partners. This applies both to our customers and to our staff, who are our most important capital.
To our staff we offer a professional work environment, further education, as well as a motivating and fair saleries. You as our customer benefit from that by getting qualified partners, who will represent your interests successfully.

About us

all by call are successfully operating in the sales and marketing business since 2002.
Our long-term experience on that field reaches thereby back until 1987.

The emphasis of our activities are european-wide B2B telesales projects. Our bilingual
call agents lead convincing conversations with your potential customers in the respective
national language.

all by call will not always be an easy going partner, because we are candid and critical —
however we are always professional.
We will not offer you a solution from the shelf. We will rather create a solution individually tailored to your project. From a small campaign up to a complete outsourcing of your customer canvassing — we offer well thought-out, effective solutions under involvement of all communication channels.
By personal dialogue we get to know your requirements and targets. As result you get from us an individually developed sales/telemarketing concept.

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